Bass Finalizer IRs

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Bass Finalizer (impulse responses) Raw to Mix-Ready!

This is a corrective equalization that will help you make the bass tone as fast as possible

This set contains my 5 favorite bass tones

let's see how it works

To get a clean tone

  • 1)Take a Di bass and add a Finalizer to the 2 daw insert
  • 2)Add an equalizer to the first insert
  • 3)Select the desired impulse response from the set
  • 4)Use the equalizer to adjust high or low frequencies
  • 5)In the last slot you can put a compressor or limiter so that the bass is perfectly combined with the mix

The second option is if you want to get an aggressive tone

  • 1)Add your favorite amp, I used CLA Bass (Line6)
  • 2)Add a finalizer, and select a impulse response
  • 3)Then adjust the amp frequencies as shown in the video
  • 4)Add a compressor if necessary.

Download (Windows-Osx)  Ir loader for free

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Bass Finalizer IRs

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