Snare Tweaker (Windows only)

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Good for Djent-Rock-Metal

Snare tweaker is a multiprocessor, we are trying to make our plugins as simple and effective as possible, don't waste your time, just use your ears. Snare tweaker is also great for toms and rooms. Just listen the demo below

To use the features of the plugin 100%, read this simple instruction

Raw to Mix-Ready, this is exactly what the plugin does, Take any raw drums (Superior-GGD-Addictive Drums E.t.c)


This is pre-equalization, you need to choose one of three options


Three-band equalizer, use it for the final correction


We have analyzed more than 100 drums, just use filters to remove unnecessary frequencies (humming, ringing) We do not recommend using more than three filters on snare drum.

Compression types

Three customized compressors with their own character. The first one is the hardest and is used for rooms and overheads. The other two can be used for tooms and snares

After activating the compression, it already works, to control the level, you need to adjust the input to the plugin

the comp in button can give you a higher level of compression


Two reverb buttons, the first is small, the second is larger


Add harmonics and distortion to your drums with the drive button

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Snare Tweaker (Windows only)

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